Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Malcolm Swan Day

Recently mathematics education lost one of its leading thinkers, Professor Malcolm Swan. The impact that Professor Swan had on developing mathematics teaching and mathematics teachers cannot be overstated, and also cannot be adequately described in words. This post is not an obituary, I didn't ever have the pleasure of meeting Professor Swan, but despite that I have been massively influenced by his resources and the development materials he has published, primarily for me in the Standards Unit (or Improving Learning in Maths).

The purpose of this post is to highlight an opportunity to celebrate the life and work of this great Maths educator. Professor Swan's funeral is on Tuesday 23rd May, and so we are calling on Maths teachers to use Malcolm's materials in as many lessons as possible, and tweet pictures and examples using the #malcolmswanday

For those people who may not realise what we have to thank Malcolm Swan for, his materials include:

  • the aforementioned Standards Unit, which can be found on mrbartonmaths website here.
  • the Mathematics Assessment Project materials, which have their own website here
  • The 'How risky is life?' Bowland Maths project, which can be found here
  • The Language of Function and Graphs - a fantastic book, which the Shell centre have kindly provided photocopiable masters on their site here
The posts and images tweeted on the day will be collated and given to his family as a tribute from maths teachers across the country to this inspirational hero of maths education.

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