Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Hats off to the Welsh...

With no disrespect intended at all; in recent times with all of the adverse media attention, the word "Wales" has not exactly been synonymous with the words "great education", at least in the minds of the public (please notice how careful I am trying to be not to judge a situation I have no knowledge of beyond the print media). However a colleague today forwarded a resource to me on the Welsh government website ( Created by Brian Sharp and Matthew Nixon (I believe through Aberystwyth), there are a series of questions and tasks that are beautifully geared towards the new GCSE (certainly English, I cannot comment on the new Welsh GCSE, as I am not particularly familiar with it, other than I believe it is going back to a 3-tier system). What is particularly impressive about these resources are the very clear notes for teachers that go along with them, which expertly highlight the sort of questions that teachers can ask around the resource and some great commentary around the resource and likely pupil response to it. I know my NQTs for next year will really value these resources as will my experienced teachers and I will definitely be adding most if not all of the resources to my GCSE Scheme for next year.

The link to the resources and I would very much recommend a look.

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