Friday, 3 April 2015

AQA Problem Solving and Guidance

Like most teachers, the Easter holiday is not so much a break as a chance to catchup -  both on quality time with the family (hence my absence from blogging and twitter for the last few days) and on jobs for school.  As Director of Maths and Numeracy I have spent much of the year preparing for the new GCSE next year; I have designed our two-year,  three-tier scheme of work and started the ball rolling on involving all departments in mathematics across the curriculum.  My big job this Easter holiday is linking the resource bank into the new GCSE scheme,  particularly those that will give pupils the opportunity to practice and consolidate skills at AO2 and AO3. In this vein I thought I would share the AQA GCSE Problem Solving Questions and Guidance. Published in 2010, I have found this a truly excellent source of in-class material and have been referencing it heavily in my new scheme.  For anyone out there that is finding preparing for the demands of the new GCSE I can heartily recommend getting hold of a copy and introducing these problems into your GCSE and KS3 lessons and sharing with your team. A link to a copy is here and as long as you are an AQA centre you have licence to use in your school.

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