Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Pie Charts and Algebra

My 2ic did a resource trawl recently looking for questions linking pie charts with algebra. Unfortunately his search came up rather bare, so he emailed me asking what i had. I realised I didn't have a huge amount either so I had a think and came up with a couple that were worth sharing. Both of these feature on my TES site (search Peter Mattock in the search box when it is set to resources) as part of the larger worksheets "Pie Charts and proportions".

The first question I came up with features around this pie chart:

A relatively nice activity that picks up on proportional ideas  as well as equation solving. But the one I like more is the one I then came up with:

I have never seen linear sequences linked to pie charts before, and I particularly like how this one includes some higher order thinking about finding lots of different linear sequences that would fit these angle values, and the relationships between these different linear sequences. I know I say it a lot but with the new GCSE in England asking a lot more of pupils in terms of problem solving and communicating their maths I can't help but feel that these sorts of questions are the ones that our pupils should be tackling on a much more regular basis.

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