Monday, 21 September 2015

Shape and ratio - a nice place to mix topics.

It has become quite clear that one of the key aspects of the new GCSE will be pupils having to draw from different areas of maths to solve problems. As well as the standard "form the equation" from shape or angle properties we will be looking at mixes across the algebra, number, shape, ratio and data strands. I designed what I think is a nice problem with a mix of shape and ratio, an area I think will be a rich source of mixing for examiners given the renewed focus on proportional thinking in the new qualification.

I like this because it uses ratio in two different ways, as well as including area of a trapezium, which seems suitably challenging for KS3 or borderline GCSE pupils. So feel free to use (the resource and markscheme is linked here) and share any other interesting mixes of these topics, or others.

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