Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Outstanding differentiation with one resource - or so the head tells me!

Had my observation with the head today - waiting for the official feedback but was told it was outstanding. Apparently part of the reason centred around my use of this resource:
The task came in three parts, with pupils able to choose which one they did.

1) Red Task -  Take the 7 'main' quadrilaterals (Square, Rectangle, Rhombus Parallelogram, Kite, Arrowhead and Trapezium - they were given pictures) and use the diagram to decide which box they go in.

2) Amber Task - Figure out which two of those shapes go in the same box. Can you add another question to separate them?

3) Green Task - This decision tree uses the side and angle properties of quadrilaterals. Can you design one that will sort all of the same quadrilaterals using their diagonal and symmetry properties?

The head loved the higher order thinking that was encouraged through the Amber and Green tasks. Just goes to show you don't need lots of resources for differentiation; just think about different things that your pupils can do with the resource.

Complete lesson (minus a few printed resources) here:

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